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About Me

Hey, I'm Liam.

I'm a Toronto-based Multi-Disciplinary Designer.

I brand myself as a Multi-Disciplinary Designer because my journey into design wasn't straightforward. At a young age, I discovered that I had a knack for creative things. I took up piano and guitar and eventually branched out to electronic music production. Almost simultaneously, I got my first DSLR camera and started taking photos. Intersecting my passion for music with my work has always been a goal of mine. I managed to work my way into shooting concerts and music festivals, to eventually taking the stage to play those same festivals. My creativity in music presented the perfect transition into the design world, as I began to experiment with creating my own personal brand to compliment my music.

Fast forward to today - I've held positions in Quality Assurance, Quality Engineering, Automation, Product, and Design. I'm no stranger to taking on multi-disciplinary projects and I'm more than happy to wear multiple hats to get things done. I'm collaborative, driven, and ready to design future-forward digital solutions that have a positive real-world impact.

And if you were wondering, I can most definitely curate your office Spotify playlists.

Visual & UX Design

I have a multitude of design experience in both professional and freelance settings. I recently took a UX course to solidify my understanding of UX processes.

Web Development

I have a strong foundation in web development, including knowledge of languages such as HTML, CSS, Sass, React, Vue, Node, PHP, & MySQL. I have no problem getting my hands dirty in code if necessary.

Product Management

Not only can I ship products from start to finish, but I also have experience with product management. I often use Jira & Asana to establish a product roadmap and prioritize tasks + backlog in my projects accordingly.

Toybox Toronto (2021)

What I do when I'm not working

If I'm not designing, I'm usually making music. I've been a DJ/Producer for over 10 years, having played multiple large venues in Toronto as well as festivals such as Digital Dreams in 2019. This year (2022), I'll be playing at Veld Music Festival in July.

Together Again Festival (2021)